This is continuation from Cyprus – Part 1 where I present some of the moments we captured during our stay in Cyprus. Cyprus is small, but beautiful Country, and no wonder it is a tourist paradise. What will always continue to amaze me is that how such a small Island can offer all varieties of landscapes.

Calm Sea

Mountains where it snows

Clean Cities

And Lastly, our Car in Cyprus

This was the fist car that I owned. It was a Honda Civic. It had Automatic Transmission. It had Normal Mode, Economic Mode and Sports Mode.

It was second hand. I bought it for USD 3,200. I had an allowance of USD 9,000 to buy a car. When we left Cyprus, I sold it for USD 2,300 to a second hand car dealer.

Am basically a programmer. Have proved to myself and quite a few people over the 24+ years that I am capable of programming on most platforms using quite a few tools for most problems. However, to be viable for earning a living, have learnt a few tricks and techniques of management. Whatever management techniques I have learnt, I try and convert to simple logic flows to keep my decision process simple and transparent. While managing, have been successful in programming a few individuals and teams to meet required objectives. Though I am not creative, I have enormous potential to innovate and extend creative ideas generated and shared by others.

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