Juhu Beach is in Mumbai (earlier Bombay) in India. It is very big beach and a very famous beach in Mumbai & India. A lot of films have been shot here. A lot of film stars stay in the vicinity of this beach and thus they can be seen at different points of the day on the beach. Especially in the morning, many of the film stars are seen here doing a morning walk.

The beach had become very dirty due to a lot of people visiting this place. However, recently, the beach has been cleaned by volunteers and is very neat and clean.

Ranoo, Deepshree and I visited my sister when she stayed in Mumbai. My brother-in-law was posted in Mumbai at that point of time. Juhu Beach was about 15 minutes by Auto from where they stayed in a rented apartment.

Early in the morning, we used to take a Auto and go to Juhu Beach. We used to spend about 1 hour there and then return home. We used to have our breakfast while my brother-in-law used to get ready to go to office.

Playing with the Sand

Nidhish, my nephew



Trishanku, my brother-in-law


In the Sea

Nidhish and Ranoo in the Sea

Most of us in one frame

Nidhish, Ranoo, Deepshree and Partha


Am basically a programmer. Have proved to myself and quite a few people over the 24+ years that I am capable of programming on most platforms using quite a few tools for most problems. However, to be viable for earning a living, have learnt a few tricks and techniques of management. Whatever management techniques I have learnt, I try and convert to simple logic flows to keep my decision process simple and transparent. While managing, have been successful in programming a few individuals and teams to meet required objectives. Though I am not creative, I have enormous potential to innovate and extend creative ideas generated and shared by others.

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