Our main purpose of visiting Kanyakumari was to offer prayers at the Vivekananda Rock. During our trip to Trivandrum, we went to Kanyakumari.

For me, this was the second time I was going to Kanyakumari. The first time was when my father took us all to Kanyakumari in late 1970s. We had stayed in the Vivekananda Ashram at that time.

We started from Vivanta By Taj, Kovalam early in the morning at 3 AM. We wanted to reach Kanyakumari before the sunrise. The hotel packed some sandwiches for us and provided us some bottles of juice. We had hired a car from Taj.

It took about 2 hours for us to reach Kanyakumari.

Kovalam To Kanyakumari Road Map

Kovalam To Kanyakumari Road Map

We were in time for seeing the sunrise in Kanyakumari. But that is another story.

After seeing sunrise, we visited Vivekananda Ashram and had breakfast. But this is also another story.

From Vivekananda Ashram, we could see Vivekananda Rock.

Vivekananda Rock from Kanyakumari

At the Ferry Pier

Ranoo and Deepshree at Ferry Pier

Ferry to Vivekananda Rock

The small boats from the 1970s have been replaced by much bigger boats. We got into one and were soon on our way to the Vivekananda Rock.

I found that the system has changed since I had come here in my childhood. Now, from the ferry, we were escorted into a room. There, we were told about how to conduct ourselves on the Vivekananda Rock. Besides, we also kept our shoes in the place told to us. We were given some books as well. Then we proceed to the Temple.

The Indian Land from Vivekananda Rock

The Indian Land from Vivekananda Rock

The Main Temple

The Main Temple

The Main Temple from other angles

Our Photos at the Vivekananda Rock

A new Statue

Since I had come here in my childhood, there has been a major change. Now they have erected a huge statue of a Tamil Poet. It is said that they got the stones from Chennai by sea and assembled it here.

Some more photos

The Sea from the Vivekananda Rock

The Sea from the Vivekananda Rock

It is possible to see 3 coloured sea here. At Kanyakumari, the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea meet. All the 3 seas have different colours and it can be clearly seen here.

Other Structures

Other structures on Vivekananda RockOther structures on Vivekananda Rock

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