On one Sunday morning, I got ready and went to the Antwerp Central Station at around 6:00 AM. Aimlessly I bought ticket. I got into the train and travelled for about 30 minutes. I got down at a station after that. I was in Lire.

Lire is small village. However, it is so well maintained that I was astounded. Here are some pictures from that one day in Lire.

Lire2000Lire2000 22Lire2000 21Lire2000 20Lire2000 19Lire2000 18Lire2000 12Lire2000 13Lire2000 14Lire2000 15Lire2000 16Lire2000 17Lire2000 11Lire2000 10Lire2000 9Lire2000 8Lire2000 7Lire2000 6Lire2000 1Lire2000 2Lire2000 3Lire2000 4Lire2000 5

Am basically a programmer. Have proved to myself and quite a few people over the 24+ years that I am capable of programming on most platforms using quite a few tools for most problems. However, to be viable for earning a living, have learnt a few tricks and techniques of management. Whatever management techniques I have learnt, I try and convert to simple logic flows to keep my decision process simple and transparent. While managing, have been successful in programming a few individuals and teams to meet required objectives. Though I am not creative, I have enormous potential to innovate and extend creative ideas generated and shared by others.

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